General Dentistry

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General dentistry refers to the overall care and health of the teeth, mouth and gums. Dentists are accredited medical professionals who specialize in such care.

The human mouth is not only an integral part of the digestion system, but also plays a very important part in aiding the overall health of the body. Apart from eating, drinking and breathing, the mouth is also the first place symptoms of diseases both of the skin and of the gastrointestinal tract sometimes manifest. Many of these cause pain, and some may even impact you significantly in speech, taste or bite. Even minor lesions, pain in the gums or sores in the mouth can cause distress and irritation. Therefore, regular checkups and adopting good brushing and flossing habits can help you maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth.

At Marietta Smiles, our dental staff understand your unique dental needs and address them with care and compassion. Our commitment to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care enables us to educate them on how dentistry can benefit their overall health. And, through the use of technology and proven dental techniques we ensure effective general dentistry services to them as well including:

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