It is our goal to help you preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there are times when a tooth extraction is needed. If we recommend a tooth extraction at Marietta Smiles, you can trust that it is in order to protect your smile health. Our dentists are gentle and highly experienced when it comes to extracting teeth and other general dental care. We use the latest technique, cutting-edge technology and sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable. When necessary, our practice offers complete implant dentistry, which allows patients to have the most natural and secure tooth replacement option available.

A tooth may need to be removed due to a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Trauma or Disease (when tooth damage is too extensive to repair)
  • Orthodontic Treatment Preparation (to alleviate crowding)
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Baby Teeth (to encourage proper eruption of a permanent tooth)

Regardless of the reason, you can rest assured that a tooth extraction is typically a very routine procedure. The complexity of your procedure will depend on the location of the tooth and whether the tooth is impacted or not. At Marietta Smiles, we carefully explain your procedure before we begin and provide detailed post-operative instructions to accelerate healing at home. Our practice is known for providing state-of-the-art dentistry in a stress-free and comfortable environment, and our tooth extractions are no exception.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth represent the third set of molars to erupt. Unfortunately they are not known for their functional necessity and they often cause more harm than good. Wisdom teeth removal is commonly performed in young adults to prevent the high likelihood of complication. Wisdom teeth that erupt sideways, partially erupt or become impacted can cause significant pain and disrupt your smile health and alignment. You can trust that our dental professionals at Marietta Smiles are exceptionally equipped to provide wisdom teeth removal as part of our commitment to address all aspects of your smile, at every stage of life.

If you would like more information on tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal from a gentle and skilled dentist in Marietta, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We work hard to minimize your discomfort and maximize your smile confidence.